Technology has changed our lives in ways that we cannot even imagine, we can do so many things now, the sky is the limit… You can meet new people in a matter of seconds, you can experiment new exciting things thanks to groundbreaking devices, and have new erotic experiences thanks to virtual reality.

The game we are reviewing today take things to a whole new level, it’s called 3DXChat and is a downloadable interactive game strictly made for adults who want to connect and feel a unique sensual experience in the virtual 3D world of gaming, sounds good huh?


3DXChat Features

The games has a lot of great features, one of them is the chance to set up three different characters, you could set up one as yourself, and others to help you explore your sexuality; gay or lesbian for example. This is the beauty of an adult MMORPG, you can be whoever you want be because you are not actually going to meet any of the people in real life.

Click here to see 3dXChat in Action.

3DX Chat gives you two user rooms, you can add furniture or rearrange the rooms to your taste using the home editor, add enough beds to make a room for group sex or even add a pole for pole dancing. Once that is complete all that is left to do then is to decide whether you want the room to be open to all, just for friends, or open for groups.

There are several locations within the 3DX Chat adult MMO where you can go to to socialise; these include Love Island, a yacht, the Sin Club, the Night Club or the Beach, and I am sure that many others will be added as time goes by. In addition you can go to the user rooms where you can look around or participate in sex with willing parties, or just chatting.

Lots of updates


One of the best things about this game is that there is always something new to enjoy every month, there are an abundant range of sexual positions and the ability to play in single player or multi-player modes is ideal. Also if you want to explore your sexuality as gay or lesbian perhaps you would like to practice with your own three characters first.

Click here to see 3dXChat in Action.

Devices for even more fun: interactive sex toys

As advertised the sex game is fully compatible with the VStroker (latest evolution of virtual sex by Fleshlight that promises an interactive sex experience that blows minds and it delivers). The VStroker works perfectly and you can adjust sensitivity and toggle use of the device on/off from the on screen menu.


The graphics will be even more life-like if you use the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. It will allow you to become fully immersed into the virtual environment, it will actually feel like you are inside the game!

There are several options to join 3DXChat, you have two monthly options, the first is to gain access to all of the seven adult games available from the same company including 3DXChat and join for just for $29.95.

If you are are only interested in joining 3DXChat 1 month will cost you just $19.95 or 6 months will cost just $59.95 and option that offers the best value is to join 3DXChat for 12 months for just $91.95 alternatively.

3DXChat Review Conclusion

3DX Chat offers a complete social environment for adults who want to meet online, play and have fun. 3DXChat supports interactive sex toys like the Vstroker virtual sex system and the revolutionary Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to give your interactive Cybersex experience a touch of realism. With it’s outstanding graphics and its large 3DX community it is certainly one of the ones that you will want to be checking out if you are looking for an adult MMO.

Click here to see 3dXChat in Action.

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