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60 fps Binaural Sound HD 3D 360 & 180 degree
Finally - the AliceX is a dual-video streaming real time live cam platform which shows you the action in 360 degree on almost any Smartphone. You can test it for free and use prepaid coins to get the girls and guys to drop their clothes.

AliceX – AliceX.com Review

alicex logoAliceX.com is a Virtual Reality Live Cams website and it was started by Fabian Grey, who is determined to deliver jaw dropping live VR porn experience to her viewers. AliceX.com delivers a combination of both live webcam shows and VR, giving a new visual treat to the viewers. The website is still in its beta version; however, the company is focused on delivering world class live webcam VR experience and we can soon expect top quality porn content. The website is still in its development phase and once it is completely done, we can expect an unparallel experience for sure.

Viewers can get into a virtual room with a live performer simply using their smartphone and VR head gear. The experience with the women will be live, alluring, sizzling and for sure entertaining to the roof. The girl who is going to accompany you in the virtual room is going to be sexy, nude and she is going to mesmerize you all the way.

AliceX.com Private Cams

VR Private Cams offered by AliceX.com will bring all those hottest girls closer to you, making it even more alluring. VR private cam content provided by AliceX.com is truly original and it offers live dual video stream. You can communicate with the girl in real time and the website has managed to offer you this feature, which is solely missed in several individual VR porn websites. 360 degree wide angle live streaming is also delivered, but with improvements in making the background look more real, this experience can also be improved. All you need to possess to watch this live content is a latest Android smartphone and VR headset. There is no need for any mobile application or software installation or anything of that sort. This is made easy for the users to enjoy unlimited and unrestricted VR private cams. If you like more hardcore stuff, check out Dominavr.com.

AliceX.com Visual Experience

Two-way audio communication feature provided by AliceX.com will give you the opportunity to chat with the model and enjoy her performance directly. You can even ask her to get fully nude. It is always fun when you are at the top of the game. There are a couple of other VR private cam sites already operating in the market but this site has managed to grab the attention of several viewers. The only major drawback of the visual experience that the viewer will get is the availability of the girls and timing of their availability.

In a single day, you can find the site working only for about 8 hours i.e. the show times are limited to just around 8 hours a day, but the website is determined to increase the show times for 24/7 streaming. At the moment there are only 2 girls live at a single time and this limitation in the number of girls available for live VR private cam session is a bit frustrating. This dents a fair bit of the visual experience that viewers are looking forward to attain.

AliceX.com Picture Quality

We have to give credit to the team of AliceX.com for making sure that the picture quality provided by them is top notch. The quality is really good and streaming is super smooth and we have to give them credit for this as well, considering the fact that they are still in a beta version. It creates an entertaining live experience in a virtual room with the cam girl. This experience gets even better and enhanced when the girl is performing a private cam show just for you.

The only drawback that users would experience is the fake computer graphics background, which at times pulls down the excitement level a notch. Realistic backgrounds and more outdoor settings will definitely improve the quality, and the company has guaranteed that they are working on improving this feature.

AliceX.com Show Modes

Viewers who have not used AliceX.com should go through this section of the article to understand how to enjoy the performance of the beauties. We are giving you a step by step process which should be easy to follow and lets you grasp quickly.

  • Login to your account.
  • You will find the models and you need to select a model’s room.
  • Public Live lingerie show of the model can be viewed for free.
  • You are allowed to chat with her via messages as well.
  • By entering into VR mode, you are entering a whole new world of entertainment and for this, audio headset is suggested.
  • You can communicate in voice with the beauty in this VR mode and the two way communication between you and the model will spice things up.

This is the simple process by which you could enjoy Private Cam experience offered by AliceX.com. Now let us look into the different show modes and their prices one by one.

  1. Public Show mode – As discussed above, this show is completely free and you can watch the beauty perform a live lingerie show. Chatting with her via messages is also possible in this mode.
  2. Private Show mode – Private show is all about fun and entertainment where you can watch the girl get nude and put up a show in the virtual room. Pricing for this show is charged at around 40 coins per minute to about $1 per minute depending upon the show you choose.
  3. Spy mode – Spy performance is something exciting where you will be able to sneak in and watch a private show performance showcased by the beauty. Spy mode is tailor made for all those who love sneaky freaky kind of entertainment. Spy mode does not let you take control. The pricing ranges from 20 coins per minute to about $2 per minute.
  4. Exclusive Show mode – This particular show is for those who want complete privacy and wish to spend some time with the beauty in their own virtual room. You are going to be alone with the model and enjoy the performance. This comes at a premium cost of about 200 coins per minute to about $10 per minute.

All the prices mentioned above may change. You can check the official AliceX.com site to stay up-to-date with the prices and features on offer.
AliceX.com Pricing
VR Porn sites will be able to reach out and attract customers to its platform only if the pricing is reasonable and attractive enough. AliceX.com has got this right by setting the price point spot on.

  • 350 credit points – $19.95
  • 700 credit points – $39.95
  • 1100 credit points – $59.95
  • 2000 credit points – $99.95

These are the 4 different pricing plans offered by AliceX.com website. For all those who sign up for any of these plans, they get an additional 250 credit points totally free along with free VR Cardboard headset. Payments can be made through all major credit cards like VISA, JCB, MasterCard and Discover.

AliceX.com – Pros

  • This is brand new, exciting and truly original.
  • Free VR Cardboard headset is offered.
  • Live VR web cam streaming is super smooth.
  • Picture quality is great.
  • Pricing is affordable.
  • During signup, you get 250 free coins.

AliceX.com – Cons

  • Major drawback of AliceX.com is that it is available only on Android at the moment.
  • No support available for Oculus Rift and iPhone.
  • The website is in beta version.
  • VR webcam database is not very wide.
  • Viewers can enjoy the performance of only 1 or 2 girls during a single session, which needs to be improved.
  • The site is not working 24/7 right now and needs a lot of technical enhancements.
  • No realistic background or surroundings..


VR private cam is a growing field and AliceX.com is creating a whole new market for itself and is surely the preferred choice amongst customers who love VR cam sessions. If you have not seen the gorgeous, super glamorous, hot and enticing girls of AliceX.com then you have not seen real adult porn. Customer service is the prime aim of AliceX.com and they are going to satisfy you with lots of features and goodies, so stay tuned and have fun.

AliceX.com may be a small website for now, but it has tremendous potential to grow and become a pioneer in VR private cam segment. Try out the services offered by AliceX.com and enjoy all that is on offer for you. It is an interesting and must try website, so don’t miss it.

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