Dorcel VR
60 fps Binaural Sound HD 3D 360 degree
Famous Marc Dorcel also engages in Virtual Reality now. Now you can experience what its like to be a male pornstar and get fucked stupid by incredibly sexy porn sluts. At the moment DorcelVR offers just one experience.

Dorcel VR Review

With a huge listing of different VR supported sites offering their own unique take on the virtual sexual experience, trying to isolate which ones are good – no cam shaking, hot models, totally interactive – can be as tricky as trying to find any normal good porn. Luckily the sort of technology and requirements of that technology mean that the majority of VR porn distributors know what they’re doing and can deliver high quality content that will have you aching a boner in no time.

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With Dorcel VR they’ve got a strong cast of actresses who are sexy and absolutely craving a hot dick to push into themselves, and include such strong names as Annie Polina, Jessie Volt, and Lucy Heart, some drop dead gorgeous blondes and brunettes for any occasion. Lay back and let these girls take care of you and you’ll find them grinding themselves to orgasms on your dick in moments. Little foreplay with these women. It seems as if Dorcel VR is a bit new to the whole VR experience however, but they’re pushing it as one of their finest additions to their otherwise multifarious archive of other content.

Like other VR porn sites, they try to be as accessible to as wide a demographic as possible by being adaptive to all the most modern and current VR headsets. This includes the Oculus Rift, the Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, and even the Homido VR. It was also nice to see that on their website they have a listing of all these headsets, including a recommended VR Player that is purportedly 100% compatible called Kolor Eyes.

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As well, a VR experience wouldn’t be complete without a mobile potential, and all the Android and iOS devices are also included with an option of downloading a VR player for them too (although, on the downside, all of these cost money).

While it’s hard to deny how hot some adult actresses like Tara White are, the ability to slip into a virtual world and give it to them up the ass as they ask for more until you cream inside their mouths is pretty fantastic – but on the downside, Dorcel has a very limited library of VR experiences. In fact, they pale in comparison to some other VR exclusive sites that have devoted themselves more or less entirely to virtual reality media and content, and have a lot to show for it (both in terms of different kinds of experiences: anal, masturbation, group sex, etc., and in terms of different actors). If you like it more hardcore, visit

Pros And Cons Of Dorcel VR Porn

On the other hand, as a very credible porn site that has been around for quite a while and knows its way around conventional porn, their promise of new experiences to come soon should be taken seriously.
While they are in the interim phase of pushing more VR videos into their library, they do have a rather unique choice for potential interested customers; the main video on their site offers both a Soft Experience and a Hard Experience. The Soft Experience leads to a screen that asks for your email address – once you enter it, you’re sent to another link where you can watch (for free) a 3D high-quality video. As Dorcel describes it, it puts you front and center in the director’s chair.

The Hard Experience on the other hand links directly to the session “Being A Porn Performer” which can be purchased for $10.85, and includes 3 TV shows. This might seem a bit expensive, however, for VR connoisseurs who know their way around other sites, and it’s something that Dorcel should take seriously.

Also, as far as VR porn sets go, this one is remarkably short at only 7 minutes, so in terms of footage-to-price ratio it does make it one of the more expensive.

Still, in the space of 7 minutes it manages to incorporate numerous sexual practices – anal, blowjob, cowgirl, and solo. So, while Dorcel may be a newcomer to VR porn and is just getting its dick wet, so to speak, we’d like to think they have the endurance to put more material out there before long, and hopefully this will also drive down the cost of their individual videos to something a bit more reasonable. For a VR Porn site, we classify it 3.8 out of 5.

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