FaKingsVR.com – FaKings VR Porn Review

FaKingsVR porn studio is a modern generation VR porn hub and it focuses mainly on Spanish beauties. All of you North Americans, Latin Americans and those who love to have a wonderful time with Spanish beauties can make your way to this site for complete entertainment and porn extravaganza. The future of porn videos has changed completely and now a brand new era of VR porn has emerged. It has definitely made a storming entry and those who love porn will definitely get excited by the amazing VR porn entertainment. Plenty of first movers in VR porn industry have become giants and many new players are coming up thick and fast.

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Porn actors, designers, porn directors, leading porn sites, TV channels and many such leading companies have started venturing into VR porn business. One such entry into this segment is FaKingsVR. Most of the VR porn studios that you find in the market showcase European beauties. FaKingsVR porn studio is taking one particular segment of Spanish beauties and is planning on providing the best Spanish VR porn movies and we have to say that they have managed to do so really well. Let us now discuss in detail about this studio and we will find out what makes them different from other porn studios. For you guys who like the harder stuff, VR Humiliated is the way to go!

FaKingsVR Porn Studio

As we mentioned before, FaKingsVR porn studio is a Spanish VR porn studio. Exclusive VR porn movies showcasing the best Spanish supermodels are what you can expect from them. FaKingsVR porn studio is part of the extensive FaKings Network which includes other offerings such as FAKings, MadLifes, PepePorn, FAKings TV, FAKings Live and Parejas.net. FaKingsVR porn studio is based out of Spain and they have some of the best Spanish beauty porn movies.

FaKingsVR might be a new entrant in the field of VR porn entertainment but they have more than 6 years of Spanish amateur porn and these guys know how to entertain their customers. All kinds of homemade sex videos and amateur porn movies performed by Spanish beauties are the expertise of this club. FaKings Universe is wide and once you become a member of this studio, you will have a wonderful time.

FaKings VR website interface

FaKings VR website is straightforward and you will be greeted with hot, close shots and steaming hot moves of Spanish beauties. The welcome you get once you open this website is simply amazing. Sensual snapshots and snippets are really interesting. You can enjoy the best virtual reality porn movies of Spanish hotties from this website. White background and elegant theme of the website keeps things simple and pretty handy. You can find everything on the main page and there is no fiddling around. You can login and get in bed with your Spanish beauty.

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Spanish Porn Stars

FaKings VR porn studio is all about celebrating Spanish beauties and you will get the best porn adventure from the beauties. Hottest Spanish porn stars of FaKings VR are Jordana, Lina, Siona Gold, Natalia Ruso, Maria Bose, Shia, Alexa Blune and Vivi Sevilla. Natalia Ruso has acted in the most number of VR porn movies on this site and you will enjoy watching her ride, suck and lick your dick. If you have not enjoyed with Spanish beauties before, you should definitely spend some time with these girls. They will take you to a world of porn you have never visited in the past. These stars have performed variety of performances and showcased their beauty in different fetishes.

VR porn fetishes

VR porn movies that you find in FaKings VR studio can be categorized into different fetishes like anal, teens, big boobs, facial cum, maduras con jovencitos, orgias, pollas grandes, POV VR and Rubias. Spanish treat is offered under all these different categories and you can enjoy the fetish you love the most. The theme of the VR porn movies is the main highlight of FaKings VR. Become a part of the Spanish porn club and have a wild adventure virtually.

VR porn videos

FaKings VR has not got an extensive VR porn movie database, which is one of the main drawbacks of this site. There are only 9 virtual reality porn movies, which is quite less, considering the years of experience that this studio has. They have started offering VR porn videos from September 2016 and we would have liked if they have offered a large database. Two VR porn movies were uploaded on September, 2 on October and 5 on November. December has seen no updates, which is quite disheartening for all of us. We all love Spanish VR porn and it will be better if FaKingsVR follows a regular VR porn updating policy.

VR porn movies that are in the video library come with mind blowing quality features like head tracking, immersive VR porn, 360˚ and HD. Movie viewing is offered in two different modes and they are voyeur mode and first person view. All of these features put together give you the best HD VR porn viewing ability. All the VR porn movies are more than 20 minutes long and the longest movie is about 40 minutes long. This gives you plenty of time to let her do whatever you need.


VR device support

FaKingsVR porn studio provides porn content that can be viewed using VR headsets such as Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard and your very own Smartphones. If you own any of these VR headsets then don’t waste time, just sign up, download and enjoy virtual reality porn with the best Spanish pornstar.

Subscription method

FaKingsVR offers two types of access namely: VIP access and Phone access. VIP access is the usual subscription based model whereas Phone access is the one wherein you should dial a particular number for accessing the contents in the website. Let us look at both these access plans separately.

VIP access

Under VIP access method, you can find 4 types of access plans and you can choose the one that you wish. The four access plans and their prices are –

  • 2 days access – 2€
  • 1 month access – 25€
  • 3 months access – 60€
  • 6 months access – 90€


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Our humble suggestion would be for you to choose a long term subscription model such as a 3 or 6 month subscription model. By choosing any of the two long term plans, you can get attractive pricing and access all the movies offered on the studio for a longer period.

Phone access

In this case, you will have to make a call to a randomly generated mobile number on the website. A maximum of 30 minutes access to the website content can be achieved from this access plan. Remember that you have to be above 18 years of age in order to make use of this subscription model.

  • Landline access – 1.21€ per minute
  • Mobile access – 1.57€ per minute

You can choose any of these access plans and get all the exciting features that are on offer. All payments made to the studio are safe and secure. FaKingsVR porn studio guarantees 100% security and payment protection.

Member access

No matter which plan you choose, you get all these exciting features from FaKings VR porn studio.

  • Unlimited and unrestricted access to all VR porn movies.
  • Porn webcam lets you chat with FaKings super hot models.
  • Ad free network.
  • Porn webcam free credits.
  • HD quality VR porn videos.
  • Amateur content posted every single day.
  • PC, smartphone and tablet friendly web browser.
  • Exclusive user accounts.

Join now and get all these exciting features right away. You can access the studio using all your devices anywhere.

FaKingsVR – Pros

  • Exclusive Spanish porn star VR porn movies.
  • Excellent VR porn movie themes.
  • Easy web interface.
  • Good VR headset compatibility.
  • Different subscription models.

FaKings VR – Cons

  • VR porn database is very minimal.
  • No regular movie updates.
  • Website layout needs improvement.
  • Number of Spanish beauties should be increased.


FaKingsVR porn studio is pretty good in certain aspects but it does come with quite a bit of shortcomings. We have to say that we had high hopes about this club at the beginning of the review but in the end, we are quite disappointed. Considering the experience that FaKingsVR has in porn industry, we expect great and special VR porn experiences. Overall a good option for those who love Spanish porn stars but the movie library and porn stars need improvements.

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