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HologirlsVR.com – Hologirls VR Review

Holography technology has seen leaps and bounds in recent years, especially with its introduction to another form of technology: virtual reality. In the wake of some of the top tech companies developing and producing virtual reality headsets for public distribution, so too have flocks of online websites appeared to offer affordable and compatible software.

And nowhere is this exemplified better than in the adult film industry. HologirlsVR.com is just one of many adult-oriented websites that feature an archive of downloadable VR compatible videos. Like other VR sites they seem to understand what their clients are really looking for, and it comes down to a number of elements.

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HologirlsVR.com Tantalizes With Interactive Virtual Experiences

First and foremost, we’re talking about quality – and quality can come in a variety of different forms, depending on personal preference and available technology. As it stands, the top three most popular VR headsets (the Oculus Rift, the Samsung Gear VR, and the Google Cardboard) also happen to correspond to the three primary quality levels. Many other VR websites tend to have a single downloadable video that is meant to play on any device, however some problems crop up with this, most noticeably in terms of graphics and frame-rate.

At HologirlsVR.com is was nice to see separate downloads for each headset, so that you always know you’re getting the best content for your own headset (Oculus being the best quality and Google Cardboard being the lowest) – at the same time, the quality of the video you’re downloading will also correspond to how big the file is and how long the download will take, so it’s nice to have the option of a quick Google Cardboard download if you’re strapped for time or just need a snappy piece of hot ass to take your mind off things.

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Premiere Quality Content With Free Previews And Downloads

Obviously, it’s always nice to have a glimpse of what you’re actually downloading before you commit to filling up your bandwidth with a VR video you may or may not like. Taking this in mind, it was also nice to see HologirlsVR.com go above and beyond some of their competitors by actually offering some free video downloads of given sets.

There are also some free screenshots as well, so you get a good idea of the narrative – all the way up to the climax! The variety of models and different scenarios is also really appealing, whether you’ve got a hankering for the big bosomed Veruca James on an outdoor patio as she strips down in see through spandex and fills her manicured pussy with a hot load of your own cock, or you’re craving a couple like Annika Albrite and Mick Blue as they tempt each other into a romantic night of cunnilingus and doggy-style.


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There seems to be something for everyone, and with most of them offering almost a total 360 degree point of view with binaural sound there is some seriously immersive content to be enjoyed. One thing that some sites have trouble with is finding that good mix between variety and quality, but HologirlsVR.com’s entire video archive has at least 60 fps on all their sets which reduces some of the nauseating effects that lower quality videos can induce.

But what really helps them stand out is a two-fold factor. First, their videos are incredibly long! Many websites with VR sets often limit their content to 10 minutes or less (often much less), but the videos we saw at HologirlsVR.com were all in the 20 minute range. This means that the models have a lot more liberty in terms of cranking up the narrative and really bringing you into the environment, and it makes for a more intimate experience to say the least.


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The Technical Specs And Our Rating

As far as the technical side of things, we’ve already mentioned that the Oculus has the highest resolution, often coming in at 2048×2048 with 320 kps. The Samsung Gear VR is a little less at a very modest 1024×1024 with 190 kps, and the Google Cardboard reaching a paltry 512×512 resolution with the same frame-rate.

Of course in order to run their content, it’s a good idea to download a VR player – most varieties on the net can be downloaded for free and are compatible with all VR videos, but HologirlsVR.com has their own player Kolor Eyes and a link to the website to ensure maximum compatibility, especially for the Oculus. Once you’ve downloaded Kolor Eyes and the video simply drag the .mp4 file into the player and select Stereo Configuration at the bottom right of the menu.


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For the best experience they recommend using the “3D Over/Under” view option – then simply sit back and enjoy girls like Brett Rossi and Blake Eden in ‘Girls Do It Better’ pleasuring and teasing each other until a full-blown passionate threesome experience.

For those who have a Samsung Gear VR or are using a Smartphone with Google Cardboard, there is another VR player out there called Milk VR which has a proven track record with both headsets and associated media and can be downloaded at the Oculus App Store. The setup is a little different however – first, download content for your device from HologirlsVR.com; when you’ve plugged your device into your computer, create a new file called “Milk VR” in the root of your phone or SD. Then, simply place your phone in the GearVR and click on the Downloads section.


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Overall, HologirlsVR.com has a sparse and pared down aesthetic to it which is actually a bit of a relief from other sites that try to appear flashy and only hinder themselves in terms of being user friendly. Instead, HologirlsVR.com has a simple layout and very simple download format so even the least technologically inclined can find themselves with a tattooed vixen grinding herself and you to orgasm in literally minutes. And with a surprising number of different videos – with wildly different experiences ranging, as we’ve seen, from couples and lesbians to one-on-one – this definitely has to be one of our favorite, it understated, VR adult sites. A solid 8.3 out of 10.


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Heres what kind of VR Porn HologirlsVR offers:


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