Sex toys are great to spice up a relationship, you can play a little and experiment new things, but what if you are in a long distance relationship? You can rely on phone sex sure, you can use Skype or sext to get each other off. But let’s face it, it’s not the same as actual intimacy…

All this may be about to change thanks to a thing called teledildonics and though it may sound weird, it’s actually amazing. As technology has evolved so have our ways of building and maintaining intimacy, of having sex and having fun with someone. Teledildonics deals specifically with combining sex toys and technology so that the end user(s) can reach orgasm in different ways, sounds great huh?

Kiiroo is a set of sex toys built with technological progress in mind. People sext, people take kinky selfies, and even create strong, tangible bonds by engaging in long distance relationships. While modern living makes all of these things possible innovations in sex tech were, for a while, lagging behind. Kiiroo has been awarded by several known websites like

Kiiroois, simply put, a way to have sexual encounters with a partner anywhere on the globe. There’s the Kiiroo Onyx which as masturbator, similar to the fleshlight and there’s the Kiiroo Pearl which is a vibrator.


With Kiiroo you can log into a chat with someone and use the Pearl or Onyx to send data to another Onyx in real time. Every motion you perform will be relayed creating a new form of sexual communication. Both toys are bluetooth enabled, so they can be connected to your phone, tablet, or computer (some computers will require a bluetooth dongle, though these can be found incredibly cheap) and used for several different types of play.

The toys.

The Kiiroo Onyx is designed for men… Kiiroo partnered up with Fleshlight to try to get things right. What Onyx is, essentially is a new-fangled high tech bluetooth enabled masturbator for those with a penis. It looks pretty futuristic just sitting out, and the only way anyone would ever realize what it is to pick the Onyx up and open it and play with it, so it’s very discreet.


The Kiiroo Pearl, on the other hand is the device that Kiiroo designed for those with vaginas (and maybe for butts too, but it certainly doesn’t look to be anal safe…). The Pearl is hard to mistake in its design and shape… It’s a vibrator and it certainly looks like one. That being said, it’s a fairly simple and elegant looking design!


How do they work.

The Onyx and Pearl can be connected to your desktop computer (Apple and Windows) via bluetooth. From there, you and your partner (or yourself, or whoever) will have to figure out the connection end of it (you’ll need a unique passcode each time) and get set up. The program offers video, text, audio and “tactile” communication, what you do with your Kiiroo device, your partner will feel on the other end.


To connect, the user chooses an option at the start up menu; Invite or Join. The invitation option generates a unique, alphanumeric passcode for the user. This six digit passcode regenerates for every session with a new combination. It can be sent via any private messaging app (not for public display) to a partner or lover. The join option simply requires the user to enter an alphanumeric passcode they have recieved from a partner or lover. These codes are active for 5 minutes at a time to limit the opportunity for hacking.

The Onyx operates using one button and can work in manual mode or automatic mode. The manual mode is where the other device controls yours in real time and you can feel every move being made by the other person on their device. The automatic mode, let’s the other person program a pattern on their device using the touch sensitivity and then send it to your device to be played back on a loop.

The Onyx has 10 contracting rings that react and move reflecting the touch being made on the other device.

The Pearl is where the touch technology truly comes into its own. It has touch rings built seamlessly into the body-safe hygiene silicone, as the rings are stimulated, whether it be by a mouth or  vagina, the exact sensations are sent to the ten rings inside the Onyx and you will feel everything. The Pearl vibrates, it’s a two-way toy that sends out signals and receives signals  sent back from the Onyx male device.


Robert Doornbos from Kiiroo says the next step will be to allow Onyx users to control the vibrations of the Pearl, and they already have a patent to extend the same expanding ring technology inside the male device to a female device.

Kiiroo is for everybody.

The Kiiroo isn’t just limited to long-distance heterosexual sex. One Onyx can control another male device, thanks to capacitive touch sensors along the top of the device. This opens the door for a multitude of male-on-male cam interactions as well.

Kiiroo can also be an amazing platform for those who might want to fool around with strangers without actually ever meeting them in person. The best thing is when you’re bored, you just press off. Just leave the date!

But what about people who don’t have significant others, and just want to know what it’s like to have sex with their favorite cam performers or porn stars, or even a virtual-reality stripper? Kiiroo is working on an Oculus Rift API now to allow interaction in the virtual reality space.

The technology.

“The only video chat that enables you to see, hear and feel”

The platform operates similarly to most other video chat platforms on the market. It uses an internet connection (wireless or cable) to synchronize computers and share a video/audio data simultaneously.

The platform also sends tactile data as well as video/audio, which no other video chat can do. Tactile data is nothing complicated though; it is simply movement data from one device, turned into numbers and sent to another computer, then transferred back into movement data for another device. A user must pair a Kiiroo device with their computer via Bluetooth before the platform menu appears. This ensures the correct device is paired, and the quality of experience that Kiiroo expects.

So what’s the cost for having such an awesome time?

  • The Onyx and Pearl couple cost $369
  • The Onyx alone $249
  • The Pear alone $149

There are other things you can check out at the store.


It’s a game, it’s fun and it feels great, especially when you know that the sensations are coming from someone real, be they are in your room or across the world. Your voice, your body, your motions are all being conveyed to your partner thanks to the innovations of the Kiiroo team. It looks amazing, it feels amazing, it’user friendly and worth the money.

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