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There are two schools when it comes to virtual reality adult entertainment. On one side you have websites that have cropped up exclusively catering to VR, and many of them are a bit hit and miss (with some of the better ones being amazing, and quite a few of the more amateur ones being quite disappointing).

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On the other side of things you have well established porn sites that have simply revamped their content to include all of their original videos plus the addition of virtual reality. Far and away, it’s these sites that tend to be a bit more reliable on the whole, and is no exception. As part of an offshoot of, their beta VR section is actually pretty unique in many ways. They currently don`t have livecams but at SexcamVR you can find some. Blends Hardcore Realism With Immersive Sexuality

First, and most obvious, is the fact that as a sister project of, their content is probably more diverse and varied than any other virtual reality site, and it tends to be a bit more fringe – if you’re eager to experiment than some “Lesbian Strap-on Fucking” with Ella Nova and Ariel X should be right up your alley.

Simply sit back in the comfort of your own home and watch the tight-ass busty professionals take it up each other’s asses with a giant strap-on. They also have some pretty spectacular cuckolding and light BDSM sessions as well featuring the tempestuous and ever-eager-to-please Penny Pax. This redhead is more than enough to get your rocks off as she takes you deep in the back of her throat and gives you those luscious bedrooms eyes while you finger her into oblivion and then kneel her over a table.

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Like other VR sites they also offer videos based on what sort of headset you have, whether it’s the Oculus Rift or the Samsung Gear VR. Their ‘how to’ section is pretty standard, and anyone who’s uploaded content to their sets before won’t have any troubles – we were happy to see that they generally favored LiveViewRift for Oculus and Milk VR for Samsung Gear as their VR players, both of which are top of the line and the go-to for most virtual reality media.

The upside to going with is that you pretty much know what you’re getting into with a VR site, and a lot of the videos as .mp4s can actually be downloaded for free. There is also the matter that their videos are generally a pretty median length, anywhere from ten minutes and up – much to the chagrin of other VR exclusive sites which tend to have very truncated films coming in at under five minutes.

The obvious downside however is that there really aren’t that many videos (only 9 at the time of writing this review), so the actual amount of content you can download is extremely limited. That said, being affiliated with means that the production quality is remarkably good and, if the beta experiment with VR turns out to be successful, we can probably expect a lot more from them in the future.

Click here to see all their VR Porn movies


Heres what kind of VR Porn KinkVR offers:


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