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Sex toys are fun, sex toys are great to spice up a relationship, to play a little and experiment new things, but what if you are in a long distance relationship? Maybe you and your partner are long distance lovers and rely on phone sex, Skype or sexting to get each other off. But let’s face it, it’s not the same as actual intimacy. All this may be about to change thanks to a thing called teledildonics and though it may sound weird, it’s actually awesome. This product has been also recommended by

Teledildonics deals specifically with combining sex toys and technology so that the end user(s) can reach orgasm in different ways, sounds great huh? This technology is an actual lifesaver for people in long distance relationships, because they have made some pretty incredible toys that can make it seem, like there isn’t any distance at all…

What is Lovense?


Lovense is a pair of toys, called Max and Nora that can be controlled wirelessly using internet connection. Max is a stroker and Nora is a shaped like a rabbit-style vibrator with clitoral mound.

The bi-directional control feature makes this creation so damn unique, which relays touch sensation from one toy to the other. The toys have sensors that detect movement coming from each person. Meaning that when your man plays with Max, you can feel his movements through your beloved Nora.

How does Lovense work?

So how does it work exactly? The toys work via Bluetooth, and they’re controlled by the Body Chat app (which is very easy to use). First you have to download the free app, connect your toy and add your partner as a friend. He/she has to have the toy already connected for this to work. Once you’re connected to each other, you can begin controlling each other’s toys!

So say for your man, you will be controlling the air pressure and vibration on his Max, while he will control the vibration and rotation on your Nora and the fun begins! Both the Max and the Nora have four different programmable settings, so you both can look forward to lots of experimentation.


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Have almost real sex over long distances

The app also lets you video call or chat with your partner, which makes for even more fun. The best part about using the toys simultaneously is that they will start to control each other. This is so cool because the more your man thrusts into Max, the more your Nora will vibrate and rotate. If you’re video chatting while doing this, it can be very sexy and arousing. While it’s not quite as good as real face to face sex, it can definitely be the closest thing.

Take a look at the features of these high tech sex toys.

The toys are also capable of being used all alone without being connected with some type of tech device. They’re also capable of “playing back” recorded sessions from playing with a partner, that is, if you take the time to record a session.


The gadgets: Nora & Max

Lovense Nora:

A_Wireless_Remote_Control_Vibrator_That’s_APP_Controlled!_-_2015-08-27_02.12.14Nora combines vibration and rotation for maximum pleasure. Most of the vibration is concentrated on the clitoral mound, while the inner shaft rotates. The combination together is great, and it’s also possible to program the toy to rotate and vibrate at different speeds.  Vibration is mostly silent, but rotation makes a mechanical noise. It’s not loud enough to distract you, but if you have any roommates, they would definitely be able to hear it. If playing solo, the features can be controlled using the buttons on the base of the toy, or on the smart phone app. Using Body Chat, you can also control both toys with music.

Lovense Max:

Max_by_Lovense_One_of_the_Best_Male_Masturbators_-_2015-08-27_02.18.49The Max has a high-quality well -thought out design just like the Nora, the silicone sleeve is designed to look and feel like a vagina, and it’s placed inside a plastic sleeve, which houses the air pumps and vibrator. The inside is made of “skin like TPE” and ABS plastic. Just bear in mind that TPE is porous and you have to wash and dry it well every time you use it. The vagina is pretty accurately designed to match a woman’s anatomy compared to other toys (with an opening, inner labia and clitoris). While the vibrations are very quiet, the air pump has a mechanical, air-pumpy sound which can be heard through a closed door…

You don’t need a modern cell phone to experience long distance control. Toys come with a free Bluetooth dongle for any users who prefer to connect via Windows or MAC computers. Software allows cross platform support for all possible combinations, that means that you can connect with your mobile device while your partner uses a computer.

  • Supported devices that work with the software are: iPhone 4s/5/5C/5S/6 and later
  • iPod Touch 5th Generation and later, iPad 3/4/Air and later, iPad Mini 1/2 and later.
  • Android 4.0 and later with Bluetooth enabled. Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and later. MAC OS X 10.6.x and later.

Long distance control and solo play aren’t the only things you can experience with Nora and Max, because these are the world’s first sex toys integrated with virtual reality porn. Lovense and the virtual reality porn website Virtual Real Porn worked together to offer an epic out-of-this-world experience.

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Lovense & Virtual Real Porn Movies


Virtual Real Porn is the pioneer of VR porn, and they support all kinds of devices. The most important are Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and the Google Cardboard based solutions. These guys have several 120 degree and 180 degree videos, and they’ve recently published their first 360° video too! When you watch these videos with a special VR headset, you’ll be able to move your head around and see more than what’s right in front of you.

The idea is to make you feel exactly what you’re seeing, in real-time and in all the right places.

The user positions the sex toy in the genitals and enables the Bluetooth wireless dongle. Second, he or she puts on the VR goggles. Then he or she begins the VirtualRealPlayer (which recognizes the Bluetooth device) to enable stereoscopic viewing. Finally, as the movie is playing, the toy synchronizes with the video being watched.

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Lovense Review Conclusion

nora-bannerTechnology has certainly made it easier for people to communicate with each other from opposite ends of the globe, but there are things such as sexual intimacy that can’t be mimicked over an Internet connection. Lovense wants to change that, hoping to provide technologies that can bridge this physical divide for couples, offering a unique experience that both can enjoy at the same time, making room for endless experimentation.

Technology wise, the Lovense sex toys are amazing, especially because of the ability of the toys to interact with each other. The app is easy to use and works great. And the fact that Nora and Max can work together with virtual reality porn as well, is proof that technology is doing things such as allowing the brain to be tricked into thinking the whole experience is real, and it’s certainly amazing.


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