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There is a lot to say about virtual reality and far it’s come in the last decade. Lots of websites have taken advantage of the new technology that has given birth to headset like the Oculus Rift and the Samsung Gear VR. These devices have made a demand on producers of virtual reality content however, since they generally require quite a bit more in terms of production value, graphics, and technical specs. has all the feel of a virtual reality website that’s just beginning to get off the ground – there are both upsides and downsides to this, however. On its surface, the website looks good and is well organized, and though still working towards VR their content is actually based on holograms.

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Holograms are ideal for up and coming video producers who don’t have thousands of dollars to fork out, and allows you to take normal 2D videos and overlay it, producing what can often be a quite serviceable three dimensional virtual reality experience. Enjoy an immersive experience with VR sex girls, you will never forget.

However, as a result there are some drawbacks – the obvious one in the case of is that they only have one video available for download. This is definitely a deal breaker considering how competitive the market for VR content is. So what sets them apart?

Well, even though they have a very low budget amateurish feel, we have to give credit where credit is due. The obvious benefit here is that they have a downloadable demo for free, along with a pretty rigorous outline of hardware requirements.

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This means you can actually sample the video featuring a hot brunette named Chloe who’s more than willing to try out any position you can think of. On top of this, they also have a very extensive screenshot gallery, so you can really decide if it’s something you want to put money into before actually forking out the cash. One unique thing about’s video however, is the addition of Leap Motion – this aptly titled application allows you to actually ‘virtualize’ a body part into the video.

For example, as you’re taking Chloe from behind you can filter in animated hands to grip those nubile buttocks, allowing for an even more physical immersion than is offered at other VR sites. And while the Leap Motion is definitely not without its bugs, it is a pretty neat thing to try out.

The downsides to going with Aside from their single video – which is 33 minutes long in total – the price is also a bit unreasonable, coming in at $8.99 via Paypal or Bitcoin, which what you could actually expect to pay for a month long subscript at other VR sites that have many times more sets.

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Another downside of the hologram feature is the fact that, unlike other VR videos produced using top of the line equipment, the process involved in creating them can be a bit shaky and have a lot of interleave distortions so its quality is always a bit questionable.

In general, we give an A for effort, but they’d probably fail in every other regards – still, if you’ve got some spare cash, it could be a fun little adventure, and the fact it’s half-an-hour definitely beats out other VR movie lengths at other sites.

Heres what kind of 3D Hologram movies PrimaVR offers:


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