60 fps Binaural Sound HD 3D 360 degree
RealityLovers is a very promising new VR Porn studio with really pretty models, fulfilling all the dreams you ever had. Teens, threesomes, solo shows in fantastic quality for all devices. With a new video each week, they are definitely worth checking out!

RealityLovers – Review

realityloversRealitylovers website lets you immerse into real-time, arousing virtual reality sex like no other studio. This website started offering high quality virtual reality sex for the very first time on March of 2016 and has gained a sizeable customer base since then. They are constantly launching new VR sex videos for their customers every single week and this is an exciting aspect of Realitylovers.

There are quite a lot of VR sex studio websites, but Realitylovers has managed to attract more customers mainly because of the gorgeous girls and premium features that viewers get to enjoy.

Realitylovers studio is a VR porn video provider based in London and they started offering these services very recently, which makes them an attractive option. The girls in their portfolio are simply gorgeous to look at and their VR performance is really one of the highlights of Realitylovers. Let us discuss more about the studio and the features that it offers. VR Porn

Virtual reality porn content that is made available by this website lets you become more than just a spectator, and makes you get involved in the steamy hot performances of the real hot girls on All the masturbating sex scenes, gorgeous blowjobs and all the mind blowing pussy pounding VR in front of your eyes will make you remain glued to VR no matter what. VR porn content offered in different backdrops and locations is another attractive aspect of Realitylovers. VR movies will be special only if the beauties are sexy and gorgeous, which is exactly what you get at this site.

All your wildest dreams of enjoying solo sex, threesome, blowjob, and other sex aspirations can be enjoyed through the VR porn content provided at this website. High Quality VR porn content, which can be viewed from all your smartphones, gives you complete flexibility. High quality video features such as 3D, 360 degree view, HD, 60 fps, and great binaural sound quality will thrill your senses like never before. If you have not experienced VR porn yet, then this site should be your first choice.


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VR Device Support

Realitylovers studio lets you immerse in some of the most realistic VR porn videos, which you will never find anywhere else. These videos are supported by all kinds of smartphones, and high video quality on any device you use is a sure thing. Viewers can watch these exciting VR porn contents using Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and all other types of VR support devices that you may have.

Adult Performers

Realitylovers studio is a European VR porn site and you can find some of the hot European beauties like Kristy Black, Alexis Crystal, Lucy Shine, Antonia Sainz, Nikky Dream, Vinna Reed, and Anna Rose here. Most of you may be aware of some of the hot European adult porn superstars who are part of this list, and if you are looking to watch them sizzle doing what they do best, then you should sign up for the services offered by Realitylovers. The sets in which these hot beauties perform is also apt and exciting. The videos are quite good and they come loaded with features; but having said that, there is still room for improvement.

VR Porn Videos

At present there are around 25 porn videos and you can expect a new one to be added to the list every single week, which should spice things up. Video quality is really good and as mentioned before, gorgeous beauties and their performance is more than enough to lift your spirits. 30 FPS videos have been doubled to 60 FPS at the moment but that does not change the quality of the videos much, except for the fact that 30 FPS VR quality has improved greatly. Fast video movement quality is of high quality and all the latest updated videos are much better than the earlier ones.
If you are new to VR porn movies, then give us the opportunity to explain to you about VR porn movies.

We can guarantee you that by the end of this review, you will by a VR gadget if you don’t have one and you will definitely subscribe for the movies listed on Realitylovers. VR porn takes you to a completely new world where you will find yourself in a room where you will not be able to move but you can view 180 degrees all around the room which is in front of you. If you look down, that is where the magic sex happens. You will find your virtual body either in a sitting or lying position depending upon the VR porn content, around which the entire sex action happens, which should give you fun and excitement that you have been looking for.


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One major drawback of Realitylovers studio is that, it is a fairly new website and because of that, the video listings are not very wide. Some of its competitors have wide range of VR porn videos, but the gorgeous women are the ones that keeping the customer base strong and healthy. You cannot expect wide movie collection in this website but you can expect sizzling hot performers. They have provided some exciting VR porn contents like solo performance, threesome, POVs, lesbians and others. The girls here are naughty and they are true performers, but all of them are European descent, and this cuts down the variety in performances. Realitylovers is determined to bring in new talent from different countries and that should makes things more exciting.

Quality Performance

As we have discussed before, the porn performance showcased by the beauties at this studio is simply superb. Quality VR porn contents should not be a pain for your eyes and watching Realitylovers videos will be a wonderful experience since you will not experience any eye strain. Color schemes and the video quality make it one of the best VR porn content sites around.

Big VR movie scale offered by Realitylovers videos is perfect in some cases, like voyeur mode, but in case of POV scenes, this scale is cumbersome and literally turns off the excitement from the porn. The girls provide quality performance by engaging well with the camera but they do not speak in English unlike some other VR porn contents. If Realitylovers brings in active communication based VR porn, then they will be attracting a lot more customers for sure.

Service Quality

Realitylovers studio website is quite good and it is an all round package. You will be able to navigate through the website without facing any problem. There is no filter option in the webpage which may be a good addition, but we may get that once they expand their directory. Download speed of VR porn contents is fairly good. VR help section provided on the website will help you work your way towards viewing all the VR porn contents that are listed on the website. It helps you setup your devices and applications, which should be more than enough for viewing the videos.

Membership Plans

As we mentioned before, Realitylovers studio is a premium VR porn video provider and the contents offered on the website can be accessed only by members. Membership plans offered are –

  • Monthly subscription – $19.99
  • Quarterly subscription – $49.99
  • Yearly subscription – $119.99

The three membership plans are recurring plans and if you wish to end the service, you must cancel your subscription. Quarterly subscription plan should be your preferred choice because it comes as an attractive offer. All the contents are available for the members and they gain full access.


Click here to see all their VR Porn movies

Realitylovers – Pros

High quality VR porn contents
Gorgeous girls
Value for money
Free preview
Weekly updates

Realitylovers – Cons

There is no filter feature on the website for quick navigation
No communication or talking in the VR porn
Only 180 degree viewing angle is available
Not diverse in terms of beauties and Backgrounds


Realitylovers definitely strikes a positive chord in our minds and should definitely do the same for all the VR porn enthusiasts. It comes around as an excellent value proposition and for this money, you get to watch hot and gorgeous girls perform at their very best. There are quite a lot of improvements and enhancements needed as well.
We cannot turn down the importance of the VR porn experience that a 220 degree or 360 degree VR content offers. A well arousing and totally involved feel can be achieved through this quality. Interacting in the form of talking will enhance the porn experience. As viewers, you will have to wait for Realitylovers to show some diversity in the girls and the performances they put in. You should definitely try watching VR porn content provided by Realitylovers and with new videos coming up every single week, the level of fun you get to experience will be out of this world.

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