Red Light Center Review

The site Red Light Center (also known as Utherverse) is probably one of the best examples of what happens when The Matrix meets social media meets Tinder. There are a couple of totally virtual community sites out there, and Red Light Center is likely the most popular and most integrated when it comes to popularity, upgradeable environments and avatars, and actual social cohesion. Basically, it’s a place to meet other people online in the same sort of format as a video game (think Second Life) – except that the nature of Red Light Center, as its name might suggest, is definitely an adult oriented site.

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What really makes it stand out in comparison to other virtual life simulators though is the fact that the sexual elements are much more developed. The website features an online world where you can interact with thousands of people, and the environments range from beaches and parties to sex clubs and BDSM oriented hang outs – and in this, Red Light Center has also done something rather unique and inventive: they’ve managed to bridge the spectrum of sexual appetites, and given a rather inclusive feel to their universe.

In fact, the universe is so nuanced that there is even a market economy, driven by a currency called rays (which are about 10 cents each) that can be used to purchase time with some working girls, or even upgrade your own world. Like Second Life, there is a vast amount of things to upgrade and customize, including your house which can be everything from a quaint cottage to a bustling condo. But of course, what really highlights the interactions are the sex scenes. Like with other sex simulators, those with similar tastes can often find each other in areas that cater to a specific preference (for example, there is a sprawling gay district inside Red Light Center, so you always sort of know what you’re getting yourself into when you head to a location).

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Highly Realistic Sex Scenes And Avatar Interaction

avatarWhat hallmarks a good online virtual sex community is going to be, of course, the ability to render the sexual act, and Red Light Center hasn’t pulled out any stops. There are a huge variety of different sex acts that can be initiated (and as a game, you can always rest assured that there are new updates in the works), ranging from normal missionary and doggy-style to more elaborate methods of fucking. But what really makes the sex scenes resonate is the high quality of the graphics – unlike some cheaper and lower production value games that can be jerky and robotic, there’s a very fluid transition in Red Light Center between different acts, giving it a highly visual sense of realism.

What makes Red Light Center different from other online sex interfaces, however, is the fact that you’re actually interacting a real person on the other hand. In contrast to other porn, in which you’re more or less a spectator, inside Red Light Center you take on the role of a participant. This game has also been recommended by many VR sites like VRnasty.

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There is a sense of intimacy developed in the game, in no small part because a lot of the build up to actually doing the dirty with a virtual fuck buddy entails flirting and getting to know them. Which arguably makes that climatic moment on both your ends all the more satisfying, and there’s a degree of emotional connection that is unrivalled. Once signed up, you can also of course add people to your friends list, so it also differs from other varieties of adult entertainment in that it’s not a one-off thing: you can come back again and again, especially if you’ve found a “friend” who you really connect with.

The Downsides And The Upsides In Red Light Center

Frankly speaking, other than having very realistic sex and relationships with people, even if it’s all virtual, the fact that Red Light Center is a game and an online server (with over 3,000,000 million users) also means that updates and upgrades are constantly being made available – most recently this was of course the Zaby, or your own home, which is totally upgradeable. But being able to adjust and modify your avatar and your surroundings is quintessential to a successful life sim, and they’ve managed to keep on top of this for years.

There is also the economic aspect of the game. Although it uses a virtual currency, this currency can be translated into actual dollars. If you set up your own shop or want to sell things online, this becomes a rather untapped avenue. We were also really happy to see that they routinely host weekly events that you can attend, ranging from beach parties to actual DJ club parties at various clubs, and is testament again to the fact they are taking pride in the evolution of their own game.

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On the downside, the high demands of the software can be a bit taxing on the hardware – they recommend at least a Pentium 4 processor for it to run adequately, with at least 1 Gigabyte of RAM. Because it is an online game, the download can also take awhile, and your activities online are only limited by your internet connection. Lastly, it’s a good idea to read through all of their FAQ section so that you can manage any of the possible problems that might crop up. We found that their online and phone support was a bit unhelpful and hard to navigate (which is odd, considering that the user friendliness of their interface *in* the game is exceptional – it’s very easy to learn the controls, and not quite as complex or confusing as Second Life, for example).

Overall, we were quite pleased with the way Red Light Center is able to juggle high quality graphics and stimulating sex scenes with other avatars, the intimacy afforded by the ability to engage with real people, and the highly customizable format. Being around for over a decade, they’ve also attracted a huge following, and their community element is astounding. The only downside is the system requirements and the fact that you have to upgrade to a VIP membership ($20 a month) in order to experience the full range of what Red Light Center has to offer: namely, having sex.

Overall, it’s still a relatively good deal given how much potential time you could end up playing this game, and its ability to keep things new and fresh. We give Red Light Center a 8.7 out of 10.

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