Virtual Real Gay
60 fps Binaural Sound HD 3D 360 & 180 degree
Specialized on gay vr porn with the same incredible movie quality of Virtual Real Porn - Virtual Real Gay has recently been launched to fulfill the fantasies of the gay community.

Virtual Real Gay – Review

The site that I´m going to review today is Virtual Real Gay, first porn website on the net that is producing amazing virtual reality content for all man lovers out there. The site looks very good, but the hot male pornstars they feature are hot as fuck and they love getting kinky on virtual reality camera for you. If you are into guys and you like virtual reality, you are in luck because this hot new website offers both. If you are also into shemales, then visit ShemaleVRporn!

tough-blowjob-thumb1Virtual Real Gay aims to bring you solo and guy on guy videos with some of the hottest and gay pornstars on the net, showing off their amazing naked bodies and mouth-watering meat poles. Hot young hunks, get buck naked and tease you with their amazing muscled bodies for your visual pleasure. There is nothing hotter that watching to naked guys doing all kinds of nasty things to each other, getting super horny and devouring each others’ big fat dongs among other things…

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Maybe you heard about virtual reality in the videogames field, but now thanks to technology and to some people that had a brilliant idea, you will also get to see porn in virtual reality, using special VR (virtual reality) headsets to make it possible.

You will have the chance to move your head and see much more than you usually do with a normal XXX video, it’s like you are in the same room as them, participating, fully immersed in the gay hardcore action, doing all kinds of nasty stuff, getting off and having lots of fun with your favorite pornstars. This all may sound weird or too technological, but wait till you see at least the tour of Virtual Real Gay! It is simpler than you think. You will feel like you are one of them, you will get closer to the raunchy action, it’s like you are right there and you’re getting your hard cock sucked and your butt fucked by those nasty male pornstars.

hot-cam-thumb2Let’s talk about the design now. The menu at the top helps you wander around the website, the user interface is friendly, easy to use and it works great on your mobile phone, it’s great because you can take these hot hunks on the go if you are going away on vacation for instance. There are 5 videos now, all of them look very exciting. Make your fantasies come true and watch as hot Juan Lucho jerks off his big dick for your eyes only. Juan Lucho in case you are not familiar with him, is one of the most famous male pornstars on the net. He has the most amazing body ever, a nice face and last but definitely not least a big hard cock that will make your nasty mouth water, hot!!

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There are different video resolutions for all tastes: format is MP4 playing at 1920×1080 8200kbps and 15200kbps, 2160×2160 15100kbps, 3200×1600 30100kbps. All of them look amazing, you will see all the important arts in detail, closer than ever before.

You will have to download the latest version of Virtual Real Player and the app loads the best configuration possible. Virtual real player is a special player designed so can you watch all these amazing videos in virtual reality with your headset. hot-cam-thumb

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Support VR Headset Devices

Virtual Real Gay supports devices such as Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and the Google Cardboard. There is an app for iPhones for you to play these hot raunchy videos as well. All these headsets are very good, they offer an amazing technology but if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, Google cardboard is the cheapest option and it works just as great as the other headsets. If you like gay porn and happen to like videogames as well, I would recommend buying a more technological headset, such as the Gear VR or the Oculus Rift.max-banner

To enjoy all the vr fun even more, there are two sex toys from Lovense that you can use while watching the videos. Sex toys are called Max (a stroker) and Nora (a vibrator), you can synchronize them with the video you’re watching and have an even more exciting experience.

You may be wondering how these toys work, well, basically the user positions the sex toy in the genital area, whether is the butt or the penis and enables the bluetooth wireless dongle. User has to wear the headset and then begin the VirtualRealPlayer (which recognizes the Bluetooth device). Finally, as the movie is playing, the toy(s) synchronizes automatically with the video being watched and that’s it! You can use the Max to jerk off instead of using your hand, it is nice to spice things up for a change!


What about pricing and payment methods?

Billers are: Epoch, PayPal (via Epoch), CCBill and BitPay. You don’t have to pay monthly fee. You pay per video, with a starting price of 4,95 Euros.

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In this case, as most sites do, there are not monthly or yearly options. There is another option who turns out to be quite good. You pay per video, with a starting price of 4,95 Euros. You pay for the video you like the most, if you like them all, I am sure you will, you can pay for all of them.


Virtual Real Gay Conclusion

Virtual Real Gay is off to a great start and it is the only website nowadays on the net that features smoking hot guys in virtual reality. The guys are super sexy, just by checking out the free tour you will see… Action is varied, you will see them masturbating their big hard meat poles and teasing, showing off their amazing toned naked toned bodies, their delicious tight ass. You will have the chance to feel other sensations as they get buck naked and grab your cock to give you the most epic blowjob ever. But that’s not all, they also engage in dirty hardcore anal sex too! The site is easy to use, navigation is user-friendly, the site´s design looks modern and fresh, there is a blog you can read, it has updates, news, helpful information regarding headsets, virtual real player, content and more.

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