#1: Virtual Real Porn
60 fps Binaural Sound HD 3D 360 & 180 degree
The first player in the VR Porn industry and still the best. With a total of over 100 VR Porn Movies, from straight to lesbian, gay to bisexual. Virtual Real Porn offers VR Sex Movies in incredibly good quality - their VR Sex Videos are State of the Art.

Virtual Real Porn Review

vrpTechnology is changing our lives one step at a time, virtual reality has changed the way we entertain ourselves, now we can experience new exciting things like never before new sensations, new feelings and one of those things is virtual reality porn.

The site is Virtual Real Porn and yes it is porn in virtual reality. You will have the opportunity to step into another world where pornstars are closer than ever. Just imagine, naked hotties opening their legs to ride you hard cock, you can almost touch them it’s crazy!

after_party_thumbCheck out the site and you will see the design is simple and navigation is easy. The interface is nice and it works perfectly on a smartphone. You can easily filter scenes according to what you want to watch. You can browse by model, by category and you can filter content by 120, 180 or 360 degrees as well.

Videos can by sorted by the following: date, length, title, likes, score and votes. There are 70 videos at the moment; each video comes with 7 or 8 photos aprox. Fortunately the there is an update schedule, they add a new video every week, I hope they can keep p with that for a long time!

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Let’s talk about the technology


These videos are recorded with special equipment. Virtual Real Porn has 120 degree and 180 degree videos, and they’ve recently published some 360° videos that look sexy as hell.

The three main characteristics about virtual reality are:

180 degree stereoscopic 3D is the magic that makes you feel like you are there, inside that reality, immersed in another world.

With the amazing Head tracking you have the chance to move your head in all directions and see more than what you usually see with any other normal porn video.

Binaural sound is for you to hear everything in detail. Dirty talk and moaning make you extra horny? Binaural sound will trigger a glorious orgasm.

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VR Porn Videos resolution?

convention_day_thumb_2They are all different and format is MP4 playing at 1920×1080 8200kbps and 15200kbps, 2160×2160 15100kbps, 3200×1600 30100kbps

Supported VR Headsets & Devices

They support 6 different devices, the most important ones are Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and the Google Cardboard. There’s also an app for iPhone that can play their videos. All headsets will make you enter another world, all of them are good, but the cheaper option is the Google cardboard. Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift have more technological features than the cardboard, makes sense huh?

You will have to use virtual real player to watch the flicks, you just have to download the latest version. When you start scrolling down Virtual Real Porn videos’ section you will see that there is a great deal of variety. You can choose to be a voyeur in the room while two girls have sex. There are girls super horny touching themselves. Tons of hardcore sex in different positions right in your face. Dirty threesomes, well hung guys drilling tight asses, a bit of domination and rough fuck. Thank god they thought of women too, there are videos of female POV, thumbs up for that!

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Supported Sex toys for 3D VR Porn

max-banner A_Wireless_Remote_Control_Vibrator_That’s_APP_Controlled!_-_2015-08-27_02.12.14There’s even more technology for you to enjoy. This technology is called teledildonics, I’m not joking. Sex toys that are connected to the internet and allow lovers to stimulate each another physically and remotely it sounds like something futuristic, I know.

There are two sex toys  you can use and experiment while watching a vr video in Virtual Real Porn. These are sex toys you can synchronize with the action and have with your partner, for instance, if you are in a long distance relationship. The sex toys are a stroker and a vibrator from Lovense.

What about pricing and payment methods?

CCbill, Epoch, PayPal (via Epoch) and Bit pay

There are 3 different membership options (prices are in US dollars):

  • Pay $11,19 per month for three months and get full access, unlimited downloads and you can contribute with them to produce.
  • There’s a special offer, the first fifteen days you pay $6,69, you get complete access, you can download everything.
  • The annual membership is $8,43 per month.


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Virtual Real Porn Review Conclusion

after_party_thumb_2Virtual Real Porn is the pioneer when it comes to virtual reality porn. They have a nice collection of vr porn videos with VRPornAmateurs and the best thing is, that collection is growing steadily. The variety of content is nice too, I quite sure they are trying to cover all fantasies, you will see girls with girls, girls with boys, girls alone and what not. Lovense cool sex toys are definitely a plus! I highly recommend it, if you are a porn lover, this will drive you insane you will actually get the chance to make your fantasies come true.


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Heres what kind of VR Porn VirtualRealPorn offers:










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