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The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about virtual reality is probably some futuristic technology out of the Matrix movies.

But in reality, virtual reality has been around for ages, and it’s only been in the last decade or so that it has really taken off – and the adult industry has been at the forefront of not only developing the technology, but creating interactive media to run on it. As a virtual reality website offering easy downloads of immersive porn, has everything a connoisseur of VR could want.

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Their website is set up in such a way that you can quickly browse through their rather (surprisingly) extensive archive of different videos – unlike other sites offering similar content though, really sets itself apart in two important regards.

First, the sheer number of videos; with several pages featuring experiences ranging from strip shows where gorgeous robust models like the tattooed redhead Silvia Rubi and Ally Breelsen tease each other into a full-length naughty lesbian experience replete with sensuous kissing and some belly-rippling cunnilingus, to the bodacious and BBW Blondie Fesser stripping down on a chair before playing with her pussy and inserting her favorite toy, there is a huge range of different sessions. We were also really happy to see that on top of some high quality 180 degree VR videos that there were some free galleries for each set.


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This is particularly useful when one consider that any VR video is quite large in order to accommodate the high standards and demands of virtual reality headsets – so having the opportunity to actually flip through a gallery of photos to see what’s in store is a good way to determine whether or not you want to devote the bandwidth (or price, if you’re buying it individually). Plus, it’s hard to deny that they’ve got some absolutely luscious models, and more than one body type; the BBW bit-titted Blondie Fesser or the hard-core nimble Asian Lady Mai.

The second thing they’ve really go going for them though is the length of each of their videos. There are a number of premier VR websites out there that flaunt their videos as being the best – and in terms of overall production quality, they often are at the top – but often fall hopelessly short when it comes to length. These sites generally have movies that are only several minutes long, and it can be a bit disappointing and rushed – at though, we were delighted by the fact that their movies were often full-length porn experiences in excess of half an hour in many cases.


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So, in terms of what you’re actually getting for your buck, they do seem to have the best deals. Besides, it is a lot more rewarding to have that buildup of flirting and foreplay before getting down to the hard and gritty sex scenes that are all fully rendered in high-def and complete with binaural sound. The one (and extremely nitpicky) downside is that the FPS is only 50 fps, which is very slightly less than some other virtual reality videos offered elsewhere.

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Another thing that has going in its favor is that its payment system is not only cheap, but also offers a lot of perks to members willing to commit to longer memberships. As it stands on their site, one month comes in at 10,95€ all the way up to 3 months, 6 months, and one year at 49,95€.

Considering the sort of videos and content you get, this is a pretty comparative price to other sites offering similar VR videos – the two downsides, we can see, is that we’re not entirely sure how often adds new content, so the only risk would be ending up confined to a limited archive of videos. Plus, all of these fees are recurring, so it’s very important for a user to be aware of the fact that they would need to talk to the webhost or help desk to unsubscribe.


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However, for those who aren’t sure about a full-on membership, does something we haven’t seen other VR sites do, and that’s offer a single one-off purchase of any of their videos. If you’re looking to get hot and bothered by Noemi Jolie as she lures you into her room and strips down slowly out of a low-riding sequined dress before taking you in her mouth and spreading her legs while she rides you cow-girl style on the bare floor, you can simply buy that set for 5,95€.

As with other sites, is also set up to handle all the major and popular virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and iPhone models. For the Oculus Rift, they recommend using the LiveViewRift for the best possible immersive experience – they have a very easy to understand set up to orient your Oculus and make sure that their videos sync up appropriately. One important note however is that if you’re using a Samsung Gear VR to make sure you have the Milk VR in your phone and set up as a folder in the root. Once you’ve downloaded the video simply drag it to the \MilkVR folder on your phone or SD.


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As an overall virtual reality site, we were surprised by the length of’s movies, which were far longer than competitors and were a much better incentive for signing up, as well as offering some free galleries for each session to whet your appetite. Of course, the downside seems to be a lack of updates (even though their blog and Twitter are up to date), no head-set specific downloads (ie. one for Oculus, one for Samsung Gear, etc.), and the fact that membership payments to their site are all recurring. Still, the fact you can individually purchase movies from their site is a big bonus, and we give them a solid 7.9 out of 10.


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Here is what kind of VR Porn VirtualTaboo offers:

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