Vixen VR
60 fps Binaural Sound HD 360 & 180 degree
Small collection of great 360 movies which you can pay per download. The offer is quite competitiv - you can download their movies from $2.95, which you can pay through credits. VixenVR plans to release the first VR Strip Club soon. – VixenVR Review

With so many websites out there touting themselves as the best VR website when it comes to adult entertainment, it can be easy to get lost in the maze of up and coming suppliers without actually knowing if you’re getting your money’s worth.

Thankfully, some sites like help to de-fog that confusion by not only giving a great deal on their content, but also a huge selection of different experiences and up-to-date information on VR related events and news.

Part of maintaining their membership and setting themselves apart from competing VR websites probably has a lot to do with how much they actually offer. Their website doesn’t just feature an extensive archive (which we’ll get to in a second), but also features a Blog that is maintained weekly and has information on new content and videos that have been uploaded, as well as tips and pointers on using VR, upgrades to VR headsets, highlights spotlighting magazines and other sites, and even upcoming events. Most recently, of course, was the 2016 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo but also lists upcoming birthdays for notable models on their site.


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But naturally, what really makes or breaks a site is going to be the videos and the models in them. From the video standpoint, they were all quite well filmed and the production behind them was above average with very little shaking of the cam. I was quite surprised to find a pleasant variety of different sets and different girls, but they were all pretty classic in terms of sexual experience – there wasn’t a huge range in terms of couples, lesbians, fetishes, etc., but the models they managed to snag for their videos are all grade-A voyeurs with tight bodies and flirtatious personalities.


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The set “Kateri Gets Wet In The Shower” was definitely a highlight, featuring a young brunette with pleading eyes and perky tits in a lacy thong and nothing else in a tempestuous shower scene that’s bound to make you hard. Kateri features in a number of their videos, and if you liked her in the shower than definitely check out the other video of her lathering up in a bathtub just for you.

Unfortunately, one downside we noticed is that while there is a good mix of different scenarios, there aren’t that many models in each, so if you don’t find yourself clicking with a particular busty babe you might be a little disappointed. The only other downside to their content is that, unlike some other websites that feature longer videos upwards of 20 minutes or longer, the ones at are comparatively short, with the longest coming in at just over 4 minutes. You definitely get what you paid for when it comes to each scantily-clad session, but for connoisseurs of the VR technology looking for a bit more build-up then there is something noticeably lacking.


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Easy Payment System And Bonus Content At does get points for its compatibility with other devices, however. While the three most popular headsets are all included – being the Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, and the Samsung Gear VR – they also list and recommend several other products (including the Noon VR and the Zeiss headset). Like other VR websites hosting virtual reality videos they also require the download of a VR player. recommends Kolor Eyes, which has recently risen to prominence in terms of working with almost all devices, having very few bugs, and being available as a free download. However, almost any VR player will suffice, including the Milk VR which is available at the Oculus App Store. Simply create a new folder called “Milk VR” in the root of your phone or SD and drag the downloaded file into it, then select it from Downloads.


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The issue of affordability is also a consideration when it comes to websites, and though VixenVR’s videos are pretty short, we did like how cheap they were relatively speaking. Unlike other sites that require direct payments, they instead function on a credit system, meaning that you can buy and stock up on credits which you can then use to watch various videos, which generally go for anywhere from 4 to 6 credits each.

For $25 you can purchase 60 credits and save $5, and the more you spend the more you save (as one would expect) all the way up to $50 for 200 credits which includes a free headset. Of course, you have to be willing to fork out the money and pretty sure that their videos are your cup of tea, but we have to give credit to for offering some of the better deals and perks out there. An added bonus is that your credits will never expire either, so even if you take a break for a little while and return later, you’ll still have the option of spending on new videos – this, perhaps, is our selling point, since it means you can watch what they have, then leave and return later when they’ve updated their archives.


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The last thing we have to mention about them is the inclusion of some virtual reality games. Featuring their model Natasha, you can slip into the VixenVR Apartment and explore around as this bodacious blonde dallies around in a red thong while she cooks and gives you that “fuck-me-now” look you’ve gotten used to from watching her other videos. There is also a virtual reality strip club available for pre-order on their site, featuring a fully interactive dive with fresh DJ tracks and fresher girls eager to give you a personal lap dance. Both games are roughly 1 Gigabyte, meaning you probably get more bang for your buck (pun intended) than the one-off VR videos, and definitely give a competitive edge.

Overall, we were satisfied with what they had to offer, but again their hang-ups seem to involve very short movies and even few models to choose from. On the up-side, the credit system is a lot more user friendly and cheaper overall than other sites, and they make up for their limited archive with a lot of other VR related content in their blog, events, and game section – 7.4 out of 10.


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Heres what kind of VR Porn VixenVR offers:


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