Vstroker Review

The Fleshlight, in case you’ve yet to be intimately introduced, is the best-selling male masturbation tool out there. The toy looks like a fleshlight, for discretion, but feels like a nice and smooth vagina. Its sensation is unlike any other, providing a realistic suction for your Johnson to experience, climax into, and clean up with the ease of achieving a hard-on in the middle of a ladies locker room (?)

What’s that thing that makes masturbating with a Fleshlight even more pleasurable? Watching a nice and raunchy porn movie to enhance the pleasure even more, right? Men are visual creatures, they love to watch, looking at a gorgeous naked girl as she enjoys her sexuality, teasing you and doing all kinds of nasty things is just priceless. Click here to check out the vStroker.

So what is this about?

The sex toy we’re reviewing today takes this whole masturbation experience to the next level. The Vstroker takes the porn girl in the video, into your bedroom, she stares at you, she interacts and opens up for you and what not, and the best thing, you get to take control of everything that’s happening!

The soft, wet realistic feeling of the Fleshlight combined with real time interaction with the porn star you are watching is as close to sex as you are going to get without actually having real sex. The best thing is that you get to control the porn you are watching. You decide at what speed you thrust in and out of them or how fast or slow she slides her mouth up and down your cock. The girls also talk to you and encourage you to keep fucking them or how to fuck them.normal_1389517470

The VStroker monitors the speed of your strokes. Every penetration is wirelessly transmitted to your Mac or your PC. The Vstroker Video Player tracks your motions accurately so when you stroke your Fleshlight the girl in the VR Porno Cam gets fucked at that same speed, awesome huh? It is a really fun way to masturbate, much better than just watching porn, now you get to interact with it in real time.

You can buy the VStroker as a stand-alone adapter that fits any standard Fleshlight, and you can also buy it as a package with the Fleshlight included.  There are several Fleshlight options available from the VStroker site. There are different colors and styles to choose from.  Fleshlight also offers molded inserts from lots of pornstars.

How to get started.

      1. Replace the Fleshlight end-cap width the Vstroker cap
      2. Plug the VStroker receiver into your PC’s USB port

Use your 14 day free access to VStroker Member’s Area to download your VStroker Enabled videos.


vStroker Setup

The setup is very simple. VStroker currently has 20 videos in their collection. To play the videos you need to use the VStroker video player, but don’t worry because each video includes a copy of the player and launches it automatically.  Click here to check out the vStroker.


The video speeds up and slows down based on “your speed”, if you are jerking off like crazy or if you’re taking it easy.  9200000018116012You can play one segment as long as you like and any segment can be started at the click of a button.  Other controls in the player allow you to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor, volume and screen size.

Videos are shot in HD and the production is excellent. Size is usually between 500 MB and 1.5 GB. Videos look cock-hardening and feature hot pornstars ike Asa Akira, Nicole Aniston, Lisa Ann, Christy Mack among others.  Content is varied you will see hot machine sex, POV sex scenes and more

If you like animated porn VStroker has started offering 3D sex videos There’s a very hot 3D animated version of Nicole Aniston that will be released in December.  Click here to check out the vStroker.

Shut up and take my money! What about the memberships?

Vstroker offers two ways to enjoy Vstroker-Enabled videos: Download complete videos from the video store. Videos start at just $5.95. Or for the true enthusiast, get unlimited access to their library of videos in the Vstroker members’ area. Every purchase includes two free full-length videos and a free 14 day subscription to their member’s area so you can decide which option is best suited for you.

  • Option 1: $29.95 for 30 days then 29.95 recurring every 30 days.
  • Option 2: $129.95 for 180 days (non-recurring)

vStroker Conclusion

VStroker is a great creation that won’t let you down. It’s very well designed and works great. The amount of videos is not huge but is not bad either, besides they will keep on adding more content for your visual pleasure.

It really does feel like you are fucking the hot naked girls in the videos. You have amazing control over the speed you are fucking them. The VStroker, it will improve your steamy Fleshlight sessions and it will really surprise you how much better it feels when you participate and interact with the porn you are masturbating to.

Click here to check out the vStroker.

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