60 fps Binaural Sound HD 3D 360 degree
A newcomer in VR Porn, offers hot 180° VR Sex in highres 3D with binaural sound for download - and streaming! Very long experiences (up to 60 minutes!), offers a new movie every few days. Definitely worth a try if you enjoy long, immersive experiences - WankzVR is for you.

Wankz VR Review

One of the newer VR sites to come out recently, WankzVR has proven that it is up to the challenge of trying to provide some high quality and boner inducing videos for their members. At a first glance, there is something of a generalized look to their website, but in order to stand out in the competitive VR porn industry, it’s all about innovation. And WankzVR is right there, trying to crank up the creativity.

This has ultimately translated to some pretty ‘out there’ sets, most obviously their Star Wars themed fuck session with Anna Morna. Dressed as the slave princess from Return of the Jedi, she tempts you into a seductive little flirtation. And this time, you’re the one who gets to the save the princess.

She lowers herself onto you and ends up rocking those lithe thighs and small tits to a frantic pounding that literally erupts. There is something particularly interesting about their choice to adopt themes in their videos, and this was only one of many.

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Additionally, they seem to really like the idea of a putting a narrative to their sessions, such as putting Gina Valentina in the role of a gardener who you have hired to do some work around the property. And of course, there’s going to be some sexual tension when that gardening involves plumbing the depths of her own flower. It seems as if WankzVR has really hitched the ‘scenario’ niche – but it’s not quite the sappy pizza delivery boy cliché, there’s something genuinely erotic about their whole archive. Alas, they only have one page of videos so far, but what they do have in their 6 videos has a lot of promise and diversity.

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Good Selection Across Headsets

What also makes or breaks a VR porn studio will be their availability and access to different devices, and being able to appeal to a demographic that may have a wide variety. As such, WankzVR also gets points for having a device specific download for both the Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift DK1, and Smartphone.

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On top of this, we really like their layout, which offers *multiple* downloads on the same device. For instance, on the Oculus Rift you might have three download options, ranging in quality form medium to excellent (the excellent having a higher bit rate and resolution). Another neat feature, and something that we didn’t anticipate, but would love to see become more of a staple with other VR porn studios, is the option to either download or stream.

This helps make the process of choosing a video more fluid, especially if you are limited by bandwidth restrictions (or just don’t want to clutter up your hard drive with VR videos, which are necessarily quite large to account for the demands of 360 degree fields of vision). It brags about being the only VR site that can stream directly to a phone, and so far we haven’t been able to find a reason to disagree.

large_7Another bonus with WankzVR is the fact that they are really trying to reach a community that is already invested in VR porn, and have done this by opening up the ability for users to rate and comment about the videos and models. Arguably, this is a good idea on the surface, but for a new studio getting off the ground it is also risky (one badly voted video, when you’ve only got 6, can be a deal breaker).

Still, with high resolution and 180 stereoscopic vision they’ve managed to level the playing field with other competing VR sites who have the same standards on technical requirements. The secure head tracking system also makes sure that you’ll never have latency issues, and each video is – conveniently – tagged with various positions, so you’ll always know what to expect from the videos (ie. blowjob, cowgirl, etc.).

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Pricing and Overall Customer Satisfaction

In order to *stay* competitive, WankzVR again gets kudos for lowering their prices to something reasonable – at $14.95 a month, up to $59.95 for a year, they are some of the lowest prices we’ve seen on a VR website (actually 50% of what we would expect).

We don’t know if this is out of desperation, or they’re just trying to get noticed, but whatever the case it’s working to attract us. They also offer easy payment via Credit Card (or if you need to be a bit more prudent, via Paypal), but of course they use a third party so you can be content that your information is secured and not have to worry about strange payments showing up on you statements.

Overall we can’t really complain, and the benefits of going with WankzVR include the fact that they are promising a new VR scene to be added every week. Again, this is a hell of a deal, considering other high-tier websites sometimes only update twice a month. If they can lead through with this, then WankzVR would certainly be taking the charge in terms of leading VR porn content – plus, with the sexy Star Wars Slave Leia set as their most recent since writing this, we’re already juiced up to see what sort of luscious cosplay they’ll think up next.

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On top of their VR components, they also remind in their payment section that they aren’t limited to VR exclusively (although all of their content is, thankfully, exclusive to *them*) – they have thousands of other videos to choose from as well.

Again, it’s not clear if they mention this out of desperation or just honesty, but as a VR site WankzVR is impressive – their incredibly low price, their multiple download options, and their compatibility with headsets puts them front and center in our sights as a promising site to keep your eye on. On the downside, if they can’t live up to the once a week update to their site, you will find yourself incredibly constrained to just a few videos, so something to take into consideration. Overall, we give them a 7.5 out of 10.

Heres what kind of VR Porn WankzVR offers:

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