VRGirlz review

Would you 3-D scan your private parts? How about interacting with a gorgeous pornstar in virtual reality? You might want to start thinking about these things because high-tech is set to transform our sex lives, from virtual-reality porn to Bluetooth-controlled toys and everything I between. Given our reliance on technology for pretty much everything else in our lives, maybe it’s time we broaden the digital sphere to our bedrooms as well, don’t you think? Like it or hate it, sex tech is coming and there’s a choice to be made.


The site we’re talking about today is VRGirlz. VRGirlz is a portal site that offers soft adult entertainment and sells immersive, erotic digital experiences. They offer cutting edge 3D scanning technology to capture realistic human models to display virtually. VRGirlz is selling static three-dimensional scan demos of buck naked babes, and they are planning to upgrade to moving, life-like animations in the near future.

VRGirlz_Homepage_-_2015-11-10_23.34.46The company produces extremely well detailed and artistic high-quality nude scans of people and put them in a format that VR users can enjoy. Their digital nudes are tasteful, beautiful and virtually guaranteed to turn you on.

They have a special camera rig with multiple High Definition cameras that takes photos of models from every angle which they then they stitch together on a computer to create the most photo realistic 3D models ever seen.

The details on the models show everything right down to single strands of hair. It’s amazing to see such detail, you’ll see them completely naked, with their legs open wide, exposing their pussy, their ass and posing in different ways, it’s super hot! It’s quite strange getting so close to somebody that looks so real yet they are as inanimate as a statue.

Once you check out the site, which looks clean, modern and user-friendly, you’ll see all the demos available for sale. You’ll find products in AVR (Advanced Virtual Rendering) and BVR (Basic Virtual Rendering). You can shop by categories such as blonde, brunette, shaved, dark skin, tall, Asian, Oculus Rift DK2 and fair skin. Each of the VR experiences, there are 19 for you to choose from, offer details and specifications about system requirements for you to know if you will be able to enjoy the VR experience all the way.

You can buy the VR experiences you like using different billing methods such as, CCBill, Paysafe Card, Epoch and Bitcoin.

VRGirlz Conclusion

VRGirlz is a great project that has a lot of potential. They’re improving and working hard to provide all VR porn lovers out there with an amazing experience that will blow brains out. The plan is to upgrade to moving, life-like animations in the future and I’m sure it will be an exciting thing to see.

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