Virtual Porn 360
60 fps Binaural Sound HD 360 degree
One of the early adopters of VR technology in full 360 degree. Compared to the other studios their library is smaller and more exclusive. Their movies are 360 degree but not 3D which is not as immersive as 360 VR in 3D.

Virtual Porn 360 – Review

Well, it has finally happened, the future is here and it comes in the shape of Virtual Reality, the latest form of entertainment that technology has managed to achieve. As per usual, the adult entertainment industry is one of the first to jump aboard the technological bandwagon and simply go with it where it may lead.

This means, of course that some of the first videos Best_virtual_reality_porn_Virtualporn360_-_2015-10-02_00.41.08made specifically to be enjoyed via virtual reality gear was of a, shall we say, erotic nature.

Ever since the advent of this new technological marvel, a race has been going on between all of the big porn producing companies of the world and more and more sites that create content exclusively for this brand new kind of pornography have been popping up all over the Internet. As you have already surmised, VirtualPorn360, is one of those new sites.

Let’s talk about the technology

But let’s get technical first. The point of Virtual Reality is to give the user an immersive experience in which he/she can actually interact with the environment in a significant way. The first images provided where all generated by a computer and the person wearing the headset could move his head around and see it all life-size and in 360o; imagine a smutty video game, if you will.

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Thankfully VR has advanced in leaps and bounds since then and now, real hardcore porn videos can be filmed using special equipment that gives the user the same feeling of being right in the thick of things, watching and participating in the action, but with real-life images for some kickass 3D porn viewing. Head tracking, which means that the image will change as you move your head, lets you see everything around you in this virtual world instead of just what’s in front of you like most ordinary POV shot porn clips.

Created by the men responsible for Forsamax (the herbal-based alternative to Viagra) Virtual Porn 360 is one of the first companies worldwide to offer VR pornographic content. They were definitely ahead of the curve, making and producing their own Virtual Reality movies since the beginning of 2015.

Best_virtual_reality_porn_Virtualporn360_-_2015-10-02_00.41.23As of now, they seem to have a total of 9 videos for you to choose from, where you can be an active participant in the POV clips, or you can watch the action from what appears to be as close as a couple of feet away. The scenarios offered in each video are quite different from one another.

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You can choose to hook up with the sultry Sabrina Moon is a steamy POV fuck complete with deep throating and doggy style fucking; or maybe you want to find out what being with two hotties at the same time is like. Each XXX movie varies in length, between 3 and 7 minutes long and they have multiple download options for the different headsets as well as being available for streaming.


Virtual Porn 360 supports the following devices: Microsoft HoloLens straddles the line between virtual and augmented reality, this new headset is the only one that uses holograms. Sony Project Morpheus was the first real competitor for the famous Oculus Rift and offers many improvements, including more comfortable gear and a better screen. The Oculus Rift was the first of its kind and deserves mad props for trailblazing as well as for their unique head tracking technology. Samsung Gear can be enjoyed using your Galaxy smartphone (S4 and S6) and has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to wear. Cardboard is the cheapest headset in the market, created by Google, it comes as a kit and has to be put together by the user.

If you don’t have a VR headset yet don’t despair, you can still enjoy viewing the videos using Kolor Eyes, a free video player application that lets you view 360o vidBest_virtual_reality_porn_Virtualporn360_-_2015-10-02_00.40.53eos on your computer or smartphone without the need for a headset.

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Though for now the number of videos is quite low, Virtual Porn 360 states that updates will be available in a bi-weekly basis, so their content is slowly but surely growing. They also have a blog, where you can read all the latest news regarding Virtual Reality technology and its effect on the adult industry. One article in particular caught my eye where they offer a behind the scenes look as to how these movies are made; pretty interesting stuff.

If you don’t have a VR headset, you can download an HD video player such as Kolor Eyes. You can also watch the video on your smartphone thanks to the viewer for mobile devices, you’ll find the Virtual Viewer option under each video. Here is some help if needed:

Virtual Porn 360 Review Conclusion

Overall, Virtual Porn 360 seems to be a cool place to hang out in. There’s no doubt that the material they offer members is unique, of good quality and completely exclusive, since they create and produce their very own porn movies. The models are super sexy, the hardcore action will definitely get your blood pumping and they offer loads of information about Virtual Reality. As long as their content collection continues to grow with regular updates, Virtual Pron 360 is definitely worth spending a few bucks on. Just click here to see their movies.

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